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All you need to know about serums and how to use them

Our resident skin-therapist Dana is taking a deep dive into the world of serums. If there is one product that is most likely to give your skin radiance and glow in a short time, it would be serum. 

We're not saying you should skip your cleanser and moisturiser.

Why? Your cleanser preps the skin for further product application, a moisturiser conditions and protects the skin, and finally your serum treats the skin. Well, over to the star of the show.

Here is what you need to know about serums:

What is the difference between a serum and moisturiser?

Whilst serum can complement any moisturiser, it would never replace it. Same rule applies to moisturiser versus serum. A moisturiser helps to retain moisture in outer layer of the skin, protecting from environmental stimuli whilst supporting skin’s suppleness.

A serum’s job is to treat specific conditions, motivating and forcing the skin to “wake up”, creating “kick” process for collagen and elastin production.

Do serums moisturise the skin?

A serum will only moisturise to a minimal extent. It is not your serums’ mission. Compared to a moisturiser  -  a serum has much smaller molecular structure, lighter texture and almost watery consistency. A serum will absorb very quickly, penetrating into the skin’s deeper layers and stimulating various processes which then improve skin’s look and health.

However, a lot of people  misunderstand the science behind serums and have different expectations. The most known complaint after serum’s application is that the skin does not feel hydrated and moisturised enough. But that is not what serums supposed to be doing.

Their goal is to heal, repair and fight damaging free radicals. Serums are the skin healers and doctors of your beauty routine

Can I skip a serum/ moisturiser?

A serum is an amazing complimentary addition to any face care routine. If you want to have a healthy skin, consider integrating serum in your home care regimen.

However, if you have a young, concern-free skin, a serum can wait till later.

Whilst it is ok to skip serum in certain circumstances, skipping moisturiser is not optional – it is your “shield” and your barrier against most common skin irritants.

Serums are simply the “powerhouse” for those looking to go the extra mile in their skin routine.

How to use a serum?

Due to its light consistency, it is very easy to overuse serums. Whilst serums and moisturisers are two separate things, do not expect your skin to feel nourished and moist. If the serum disappears into the skin after the application, leaving no trace of moisture- that is totally ok.

A common misconception about serums is “the more the better”. But because serums are typically very active and concentrated (hence the higher price tag), a little goes a long way.

One of the common mistakes in serum’s application is massaging it into the skin. Serums absorbing very fast and all you need to do is to PRESS it into the skin evenly and let them do their job.

Used twice a day, on a cleansed skin- morning and evening (however those contain Vitamin A- should be used only nightly). Follow with your moisturiser.

Ingredients to look for in a serum?

Expect to find a cocktail of antioxidants in a serum, fighting bad substances found in air and atmosphere, antioxidants will boost skin youthfulness and promote glow.

The main skin antioxidants are Vitamin C, A & E’s.

Vitamin C is often defined as a “fountain of youth”.

So, if there is a magic potion that delays skin ageing and protect from further damage, you will find it in Björk and Berries Skin Awakening C-Serum.

Hyaluronic Acid- Substance that naturally occurs in our skins, but decreases rapidly with age, pollution and other negative factors.

Hyaloronic Acid makes skin plump and healthy looking. Take hyaluronic acid away and cells become dehydrated, shrunk and skin declines.

A good grade of hyaluronic acid in a skincare product not only will insert hydration back into the skin, but will also retain the hydration.

If you won’t say “NO” to a vitamin- rich smoothie, you won’t say “NO” to serum!

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