Our Saga

Björk and Berries began as a small local project in northern Sweden with the desire to preserve the magic of our nature, its beauty, scents and healing properties. We took to the woods to handpick leaves and berries to capture the essence of the Swedish flora in our first natural perfume and with that, set the foundation for what Björk and Berries is today.

Our Philosophy

Preserve and share the magic of Swedish nature and beauty traditions with the world. For us in Sweden nature is part of our daily lives, wild forests cover a full 57% of our country.

We use the best responsibly sourced ingredients nature has to offer to ensure the finest quality formulas with minimal ingredients yet maximum potency.

We research ingredients that have been used traditionally in Sweden for centuries. We source as much as we can locally and aim to preserve the prevalence of the Nordic flora. 

Our scent collection is inspired by Sweden’s ever-changing seasons and the uniqueness of our nature. Cultural, natural and mythical wonders are interpreted into refined scent experiences.


The Swedish word for Birch, also known as the life-giving tree is our signature ingredient and a symbol of our unique nature.

Björk and berries natural and organic fragrance and skincare products are made and developed in Sweden and France. We work together with technology- and sustainable driven factories to ensure safe products of highest quality.

The product development is made in-house and we therefore ensure we follow our ecoluxury criteria as well as enabling traceability and transparency.

Björk and Berries is owned by Isabelle Lewenhaupt and her family. The family’s farm, Fäviken, in the North of Sweden is a special place for Björk and Berries. Here, we have our own mountain garden where we grow a few select ingredients and experiment with plants and herbs in the harsh seasons of the north. The beauty of the deep forests and mountains is a daily inspiration to us

“We continuously work on our mission, to preserve and share the magic of Swedish nature and beauty traditions with the world.”

– Isabelle Lewenhaupt, CEO and owner

Ecoluxury Criteria

eco for us means carefully selecting the most potent ingredients that nature has to offer to develop clean, non-toxic formulas. All products are developed according to the guidelines in our Ecoluxury philosophy ensuring a safe, natural and sustainable approach to skin and nature.

luxury means we never compromise on results and quality – we create refined products where texture, scent and performance are all of equal importance.

Our packaging commitment

We have carefully selected to work with the best partners to ensure the highest quality perfume products. The perfume collection is made with prestigious factories with a long tradition of perfume filling.

Inspired by Swedish ingredients and a sustainable approach, we are producing our skin and body care collection with a modern and technology-driven factory in Sweden.

We strive to balance sustainability and functionality and to be on par with the latest developments with the goal to have 100% possibility to recycle all components. 

We constantly work on our packing ensuring we minimise our impact on the planet. 

"Our mission is to redefine luxury through sustainable production, high-quality products and to stay up to date on new conditions and possibilities to further our sustainability efforts"

— Isabelle Lewenhaupt, CEO and owner