The Elements by Gianni Vas for Björk and Berries

gianni interprets scents as deep sensory experiences, linking them to elemental metaphors and human emotions. vas sees these fragrances as emotional catalysts, enhancing his creativity, while the collaboration, enabled by digital communication, fosters a unique creative synergy.

about gianni

gianni’s journey from a budding stylist and model in kyiv to a creative powerhouse is a story of passion and resilience. his approach to interpreting our fragrances is not just about aesthetics; it’s a deeper sensory exploration where each element – earth, fire, air, and water – becomes a metaphor for human experience.

"i have always been a fan of combinations of wood, tobacco, and leather scents. i always changed perfumes, i had no favorite, but perhaps the botanist has now become a favourite in my heart, i am thrilled!."

- Gianni Vas

the elemental inspiration

björk and berries-fragrance alchemy

upon discovering björk and berries’ scents, gianni felt that the fragrances weren’t mere fragrances but emotional catalysts. earth’s stability, fire’s passion, air’s lightness, and water’s fluidity - each scent embodies an element, offering the wearer a chance to express their ever-changing nature. it is not just a perfume line; it’s a daily transformation ritual for those who choose it.

the collaboration

a manifesto for the modern age

this collaboration is a testament to the power of digital connectivity and creative synergy. despite geographical distance, language barriers, and warfare, gianni has created a unified vision that resonates with the young, courageous generation. it’s a collaboration that speaks to diversity, boldness, and the spirit of innovation.

it stands out in an age where consumers seek authenticity and personal expression that sometimes a brand cannot deliver independently.

Fjällsjö (Eau de Parfum) Fjällsjö (Eau de Parfum)


50 ml


Mareld (Eau de Parfum) Mareld (Eau de Parfum)


50 ml


Botanist (Eau de Parfum) Botanist (Eau de Parfum)


50 ml


Violet Sky (Eau de Parfum) Violet Sky (Eau de Parfum)

Violet Sky

50 ml