Estelle bourdet and the warp clutch collection
In collaboration with hand-weaver Estelle Bourdet, we wanted to capture the tradition of weaving rag rugs and merge it with accessories. Using the rep weave technique, Estelle has interwoven a piece of Swedish heritage into each clutch, an exclusive collection of 10 unique pieces.
The wisdom of hands-explained through craftsmanship and heritage

Craftsmanship embodies hand skills, an enduring inspiration to Björk and Berries. From Jämtlandsskåpet to the Falu red on the caps of our Eau de Parfumes. In collaboration with hand-weaver Estelle Bourdet, we wanted to capture the tradition of weaving rag rugs and merge it with accessories.

The warp clutch

A hybrid between a vanity case and satchel designed to keep all your favourite toiletries or used as a versatile clutch.

The artform

“Working with such an ancestral technique as weaving gives you the possibility to both look back and forward on how things have been, it makes it possible to change what needs to be changed and to carry on what needs to be carried on.” – Estelle Bourdet

”Collaborating with Estelle with her unique craftsmanship and creativity has been an inspiring way for us to further explore how we can integrate traditional crafts and modern expression into our products and brand. Using her special techniques with warp and traditional weaving she interpreted the rag rug in a modern way to create beautiful pieces of art that are still wearable and durable."

About Estelle

Estelle, a Swiss-Swedish hand weaver, investigates the domestic environment by exploring the handcraft of textile making. Her weavings combine handcraft techniques with contemporary, featuring digital artworks and artisanal processes.


She graduated in fine arts at the Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne ECAL, experimenting with textile techniques during a year at the Hochschule Luzern HSLU.After that, Estelle moved to Sweden and immersed herself in traditional textile handcrafts at the school for craft and design, Capellagården.

What drew you to hand weaving?

Fibers has always have a special place in my life, i’ve been collecting textiles and yarns since childhood, I was drawn to hand weaving because I found something there that allows me to merge and assemble all kinds of memories with these collected materials. It’s a way of materializing and extending them into objects.

”My practice of hand weaving merges key ideas of domestic zones, inhabited spaces, the use of sustainable resources and slow production making. By reflecting and challenging it with these concepts, I create meaningful and unique textiles for your everyday life and interiors."

What does craftsmanship mean to you?

Craftmanship is to me a reverence to time and knowledge. and It is all kind of things: it is traditions, gestures, culture, heritage, gatherings and dialogs but it is also a way of creating new ideas and new ways of living

How do you develop the patterns/colors/shapes for your textiles?

The outdoors are my main source of inspiration, there is for instance no better color combinations as such as in the natural world! Next to that I’m also very seduced by inhabited spaces, arranged areas, houses and nests… I could say that my weavings, their compositions and colors are for me a sort of prolongation of those things. Weaving is part of my daily life, it tends towards a way of life where things are mixed, built, cultivated, harvested, woven, worn, climbed, used and reused.

In this collaboration, how did you merge your ideas with the björk and berries world?

For Björk and Berries, I started to work around those unexpected colors combinations that you can find in the great outdoors! I thought about dense field of flowers with old sort of nuances, an abundance of colors - I wanted to recreate that! The shape of the Warp Clutch came naturally, there I wanted to stay true to my practice of weaving and make one woven surface that could be easily folded and use as a container.

Link to a short film about the making of the collection and more about Estelle Here.