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Deep Forest Face Mist

Naturally refreshing and hydrating face mist with organic birch leaf water.



A face mist that instantly awakens, rehydrates and soothes the skin. Infused with refreshing organic birch leaf water that naturally calmes and hydrates the skin.


Vitamin charged organic green mandarin extract protects the skin from moisture loss throughout the day and improves vitality in the skin cells. Mist at your pleasure! But fair warning, it’s addictive.

What it does

Rehydrates, soothes and “awakens” the skin. Provides ideal preparation for moisturiser or treatment.

Why it’s clean

  • Organic Birch Leaf Water
  • Organic Beech Bud Extract
  • Organic Green Mandarin Fruit Extract

Active Ingredients

Made in Sweden

Dermatologically approved

98% ingredients from natural origin

50% ingredients from organic origin

100% vegan ingredients

100% natural fragrance

Alcohol free

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*Natural origin ingredient. **Certified organic ingredient.

Deep Forest Face Mist How To Use

How to use

Close eyes and mist liberally over face and neck as often as desired. Use morning and evening on perfectly clean skin to “awaken” the skin. Provides ideal preparation for moisturiser or treatment.
Also perfect to use throughout the day to soothe and hydrate the skin in dry climates, in front of the computer, in air-conditioning, when travelling or whenever the skin needs an energising boost.
(Warning it’s addictive)