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The saga of Björk and Berries fragrances

Björk and Berries heritage lies in the world of fragrance. It started as a local initiative with people around Högbo, Sweden with an interest and passion of the botanicals in that region and how they could be distilled into scents. Today we still have a museum with the perfumers' organ, vintage bottles and soaps displaying the history of our scents.

Björk & Berries was founded in the north of Sweden in 2006. We began our journey as a company through a collaboration with the perfumer Pierre Wulff, exploring Swedish nature and perfume distillation using ingredients from the forest. We engaged people in the local province of Högbo to handpick birch leaves, wild strawberries and other ingredients and sent them for distillation to create 100 % natural perfumes.

Our Eau de perfumes are inspired by the different seasons and mystical sagas of yesteryear. With names like White Forest, Never Spring, Solstice and the new Fjällsjö it's hard not to make the connection to natures events of the Swedish year. The crisp white birch forest in winter, the endless days leading into the first bud of spring: midnight sun and hedonist rituals of Midsummer, warm summer skin touched by the coolest crisp lake waters. 

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