The Bathroom by Babba x Herbalist – Bjork & Berries EU
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The Bathroom by Babba x Herbalist

We are so happy to launch our new product The Herbalist exclusively with 'The Bathroom By Babba'  in New York where Babba C Rivera curates and sells her favourite beauty products. 

Bathroom By Babba will feature a curation of intentionally selected products and loungewear, with an emphasis on modern sustainability, throughout the space, as guests are encouraged to experiment and interact first-hand.

The Bathroom By Babba is part of an innovative retail space, Showfields. Showfields plays host to the world’s most innovative brands and experiences.

This conceptual and inventive retail space is single-handedly shifting the views of which we associate with today’s shopping experience.

At 11 Bond Street in the center of Manhattan, you can find our new scent Herbalist exclusively. If you are in the big apple come check it out and get your own Herbalist kit!

By Babba is a marketing agency founded by Babba C Rivera. Not only is she a true kick-ass marketer but also  one of those inspiring women out there who makes us want to smile and feel happy about ourselves a real "Birch Babe"