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Contemporary tarot with wilder and wiser

We caught up with tarot expert Tanja from Wilder and Wiser, here she explains her modern take on this ancient craft.

Tell us about yourself:

I am a committed lover of life in all its manifestations and mystical dimensions. I enjoy collaborating with dreamers and doers to find new inspiring ways to connect and co-create new expansive experiences.

I scan for correspondences and patterns in everything. The human potential and the creative process fascinates me. Life is an art I think- and we are all artist and alchemist. Nature is my guru and muse. I get most of my insights from studying her beauty and transformation. 

Life guided me to leave my career in fashion to investigate a deeper calling I felt since I was a child. Currently, I’m on a mission to modernise the perspective of tarot and how it is being presented and used. I discovered tarot in my own self-healing and I wish everyone the opportunity to discover the value in it.  

When did your spiritual journey start:

Now it is clear to me that I’ve been on a spiritual quest my whole life but I wasn't aware of it until I had my awakening a few years back. I always experienced my perception was quite different from the societal norm but I learned to turn off my sensitivity to fit in.

I like to romanticise the memory of magic got triggered when I was camping in the paradise-like nature of Lofoten, Norway. Shortly after the trip, I was propelled into a journey of deep inner transformation.

Getting in touch with spiritual teachings provided me with the confirmation I needed to start honouring my own experience and path.

What is tarot?

I see tarot a co-creative art form with the purpose to raise spiritual awareness. It boosts insight, intuition, inspiration and opens up to the wonder of this existence. It awakens the wild wisdom dwelling within us. I practice tarot as a playful and transformative tool for inner exploration and self-healing. 

Working with tarot cards is a kind of meditation supporting us on our inner journey of realisation. It brings light into the unconscious which gives rise to clarity and wisdom. I do not use tarot for fortune telling as I think we are sovereign creators of our future. Awakening to our own power to shift reality is the real magic. 

I believe our relationship with ourself is central to success as that’s where all actions and interactions arise from. I actually promote tarot as a way of dating our true self as it helps in the process of unfolding our deeper truth.

Can you share three tools for how to incorporate more self-exploration and spiritual awareness into our lives

To me, spirituality is about fully embodying our spirit and expressing our true nature through a physical body. Allow life to be paradoxical and always changing -there is no right or wrong here. Trust your own discernment and what feels true to you. This is what helped me along my path.

  1. CREATE INNER SPACE for the great mystery to unfold. Invite the magic. Get comfortable with the unknown and learn to trust the flow of life. Surrender control and let your inspiration guide you step by step. Committing to a daily meditation practice really supports this. 
  2. Honour YOUR BODY and what it is experiencing and communicating in the now. Practice emotional self-care by being present with difficult emotions. Listen to the subtle language of the body and heart. Intuition is the voice of your higher self so learn to trust the guidance. Recalibrate your system in nature and learn from her grace. 
  3. REMEMBER PLAYFULNESS in everyday life. The ego is usually serious but the spirit likes to play. Stay open and embrace a curious attitude towards yourself and life. Enlightenment is a relaxed, light and joyful state of being. Music is a highly potent energy medicine so use it to shift the vibe.

We had the privilege to have you do tarot Reading at our Psychedelic Beauty Party last month, tell us a bit about your pop-ups:

So happy to contribute to your fabulous event! It was a magic non-stop.

My concept of wilder+wiser tarot pop-ups is my way of bringing the tool of tarot to the public. I do tarot pop-ups at parties and events and I also collaborate with creative spaces to offer tarot sessions in new, unexpected settings. 

I really like getting spirituality in the mix of what we consider mundane/material as these dimensions are not separate. Blending tarot to space naturally shifts the vibe and opens up for deeper connection. We are all spiritual beings in this wild experience and when we are reminded of it in our everyday interactions - the magic comes to life. 

Let thats inner radiance shine outwards with our Never Spring Shimmering oil.