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September behind the scenes, the launch of a fragrance.

The campaigns that accompany each product launch is what the customer usually end up seeing.
In the mark of the new times brought upon us by COVID 19, we want to share the process that goes on behind the scenes.

With the launch of September, our latest fragrance, we had big plans for the campaign. 
Everything came to a halt, and it was back to the drawing board. 
It was early spring, wrong season, but the campaign took its shape and at the end of the day, to make it in-house became more sustainable. 
Instead of presenting unattainable dreams, we want to share hope and new beginnings.

Here you get to follow the making of our latest fragrance September.
From the product planning, design and creative team, all the way to the talents in the film and photos, we sourced it from the eclectic bunch of personalities that make up the B&B team.
The inspiration for September comes from Fäviken, the mountain garden in the north where some of our ingredients are sourced.

The scent of September captures the first day of fall at the farm. The stacks of hay are warm in the afternoon sun and blends together with the scent of harvested fruits and a blue sky, crisp with promises of new beginnings. The fresh-cut logs in the barn leave a lingering scent of warm and moist wood.


“To me, this scent represents a feeling of change. Expectations. Harvest is here, summer is gone. Golden fields of hay, ripe fruits and bare feet in the afternoon sun. Blue skies that turn into pink and cast shadows on warm grounds. My favourite month is September when we harvest the year before and go into the future.” 
IsabelleLewenhaupt, CEO Björk and Berries

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