Q & A with our fragrance expert Helena – Bjork & Berries EU
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Q & A with our fragrance expert Helena

Helena you are what one might call a fragrance expert, please share what you do.

I work with our perfumers to create scents inspired by our nature, mythologies and seasons.

Basically I try to communicate our idea sometimes  specifying the ingredients  and let our perfumers try to translate it with raw materials.

How do scents affect you?

Scents evoke feelings and let you feel before you think. They create images, dreams and memories but also aversion.

It is really fascinating because it is something that happens inside of you, you can’t see, hear or touch it. It is like feelings or energies but scented ones.

Do you have a favorit fragrance, and what is your pet peeve scent?

Favourite scent is the forest it reminds me of my childhood and is simple recreation for me. I have become very sensitive to bad air and pollution, so I am not into the smell of car emissions and everything that is bad for our air and environment.   

What is so unique with the Björk and Berries fragrance line?

They are easy to wear yet specific. I like our minimalistic way of creating scents were you can find a few fine natural notes, not overwhelming, heavy or too much. You can wear them everyday without getting tired of them.

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