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Our Botanical Garden in Högbo

Botanist is a scientist who studies plants.

Botany is the scientific study of plants.

Botanical gardens, usually open to the public, where a wide range of plants are grown for scientific and educational purposes.

*Cambridge Dictionary 

Interpreting nature is a vast science that in Sweden is linked to Carl von Linne. Linne was a Swedish botanist and responsible for the modern system of naming organisms. However, botany didn´t start with him; it links back to the indigenous women and men who lived with the notion that plants, animals and nature as a whole are our teachers.

With our gardens at FävikenHögbo and urban Shady Garden, we interpret our vision of botany.

Our Botanist series is a scent story about a wild rambling garden. 

For instance, Högo is where we travel each spring to handpick birch leaves for our Bath Salt. Högbo is also the location for our only brand store in Sweden; it is a magical place surrounded by birch trees and elf-like rivers.

The scent of Botanist is inspired by the deep Swedish birch forest, an invigorating scent of fresh green apples, blackcurrant leaves and smoky black tea combined with woody notes of birch and an undertone of masculine vetiver and patchouli.

Botanist is the perfect marriage of our complex the magic three; birch, organic chamomile and sea buckthorn.

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