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Tell us about your brand?

A kind is a newly started jewellery brand with a focus on sustainable materials, exceptional quality and honest pricing. 

We believe people are wanting a piece of gold that last, as opposed to buying fashion jewellery that they'd throw out in a few years. So all of our products are designed and handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail and precision and stem from 100% recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds. This means that our diamonds form in a laboratory that recreates the same conditions that form diamonds underground, but only requires a fraction of the resources of mining operations. The idea is similar to planting a tree in a greenhouse versus foraging it from the woods. Real as mined diamonds but with significant environmental benefits.

Transparency is also central to A kind. We believe our customers have a right to know where their jewellery comes from and how much it cost to make. We reveal the actual costs behind our production stream. This we call honest pricing.

Every single piece of our jewellery is designed in-house in Stockholm. The style is Scandinavian; timeless, delicate and minimalistic, and created for all occasions. Our production is located in Andalucía, Spain, where our jewellery is handcrafted by a third-generation family business. Their unique experience of producing delicate gold jewellery makes them experts in their field.


Why is sustainability an essential part of A Kind?

The quality must be exceptional, but never at the expense of our environmental and ethical principles. Therefore, we exclusively use sustainable materials and partnered with factories committed to ethical methods. Sustainability is indeed essential to A kind for the sake of selling jewellery that doesn't harm our planet. It's necessary creating consciousness within the jewellery industry. Changing the purchasing behaviour by addressing sustainable and ethical options, spreading our know-how as much and as far as possible. We hope to inspire other jewellers to follow the same direction. Although today, we are not a 100% sustainable company we do ship our gods etc. We actively work toward reducing the footprint we leave behind, and that includes changing the behaviours of a very old-fashioned industry.


We love Swedish nature, do you have a "smultronställe"?

Stockholm's archipelago beats the most in the summer. Take a ferry from Strandvägen over to Waxholm or jump off at the nearest island on a beautiful summer day, bring a basket with picnic items, a swimsuit and you'll have a fantastic day - guaranteed! 


How will you wind down for the holidays?

Slowing down and find what makes you calm and relaxed. I think that a good wellness routine will allow you to relax, calm your mind, support your body, and prepare yourself for essential rest before last-minute gift shopping, holiday dinner parties, and anything else this season throws your way. I like to combine physical activity with calm activities. One tip is to focus on what's happening around you, enjoy the picturesque views and breathe in the fresh air over a forest walk. And the most important thing - be kind to yourself and do everything in your own pace!


Please share one beauty secret with us!

Wear things that you feel comfortable in and find what makes you happy. When you feel good in your own skin, it will shine through. The right jewellery can also make you feel great.