Moonflower by Anna Lewenhaupt – Bjork & Berries EU
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Moonflower by Anna Lewenhaupt

At the launch of our scent Moonflower we commissioned Swedish artist Anna Lewenhaupt.

This unique collaboration is made up of a limited edition of exclusive hand painted perfume boxes, drawings and posters. Moon Edition is Annas personal interpretation of Björk and Berries new Moonflower fragrance.

Anna is known for her explosive energy and mystical, sensual work.

The rare flower that was the initial inspiration of this mythical scent is called “nattviol” in Swedish, and is a sacred flower in Sweden.

"It´s soft scent inspired by these rare orchids found on the wet mires of northern Sweden, where the cold and crisp moonlight invites this strange night flower to fully bloom, releasing an alluring scent."

Welcome to the world of Anna!