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Superdrops by Jonas Wiehager



In 1999 Jonas Wiehager had a dream, that he was to travel in time and collect paint from the great masters. Forgotten paint dripped paint, splashed paint, paint that he could recycle and retap on spray cans to reuse for new pieces of art. At that moment Superdrops was born. Since that dream in 1999 Jonas and Superdrops are one.



When we got hold of the backstory to Jonas Superdrops it was obvious that we needed to collaborate. Because just like Jonas we look back in time and are inspired by old Swedish traditions and remedies, where we carefully select ingredients and recreate formulas for the needs of today.

In this collaboration, Jonas has interpreted our scent Dark Rain. A scent that is inspired by that first fall rain on asphalt still warm from summer memories giving the air that longed for crispness and invigorating strength.