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Interview with Manon Lagreve

“ Manon Lagreve is a French chef must well known for being a contestant on Season 9 of the Great British Bake Off where she finished as a quarter finalist. Her warm personality and talent have lead her to become an incredibly successful content create where her blog and instagram have a large, loyal following who look to her for food, beauty and lifestyle advice. 

In 2002 when she was just 11 years old she started to make cakes with her sister but they would just eat the batter. In November 2011 she moved to London and worked as an au pair for 6 months. Not only did she fall in love with London but also all the cakes it had to offer! Manon started to take baking more seriously and cooked birthday cakes for her friends, colleagues and families. In 2017 she applied to be on the Great British Bake off and life has never been the same since! 
Manon now looks forward to a future of baking, travelling and continuing to create lifestyle content. Here she shares her beauty rituals with Björk & Berries. “

1. How would you describe yourself in 3 words: 

A Cook, Happy & French.

2. What is your passion and what is your profession? 

I am passionate about making food but french food in particular. I am a true believer that food is a key part to our health, beauty and so our happiness. I am a baker, cook and a content creator. 

3. What/ who inspired you to do what you are working with today?

My family is my inspiration. I grew up in the country side where nature has always been respected and cherished. My mum and dad have an egg far. We also have a vignard, a bakery, a butcher and a few restaurants shared with my close family.

4. Describe your workday - from morning until you hit the pillow:

I sleep for a minimum of 8h. Then start my day with an oat milk flat white + a social media catch up. I get ready and either go for a run or go for a breakfast meeting. I then answer emails, create content and update my website. I either have a nice homemade lunch or I'll go to a restaurant where I have been invited to try the menu. In the afternoon, I’ll bake or cook something and develop a recipe for a brand I am working with. I’ll either be styling and shooting the recipe that day or leaving it for the next day. At night, I go to a gym class if I haven’t been in the morning, and then finish by  going to an event or cook dinner for me and my boyfriend.

Ok on to beauty rituals.

Clean, scrub, steam and moisturise are my key focus.

5. Beauty product you can´t live without?

Coconut oil - I use it everyday to remove my make up and have done so for about 4 years.

6. Everyday beauty ritual?


I start by using my body scrub and the Björk&Berries face wash in my shower, its so smooth and amazing to use. I either use a l’occitane Sérum and apply La roche posay effeclar. I finish off with the B&B mist- I love it. 


I’ll Remove my make up with a cotton pad and coconut oil and then wash my face with water. Afterwards I’ll apply the Björk & Berries intense cream (after I have been travelling and my skin feels the need) or apply AESOP cream.

7. For that glamorous look?

A Red Lipstick from KjaerWeis or a heavy eye with the ZoellaXColourpop eye shadow pallet.

8. We believe that beauty comes from the inside. How do you treat yourself when you have time off; beauty rituals, workout, sleep and food?

I probably drink about 2 to 3 litres of water a day as I think it is SO important for my skin and health. I love going to the steam room and sauna as well as giving myself a home facial at least one a week. For this I use a purifying mask, a scrub, a nourishing mask and then finish off with a serum.

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