Interview with Franca Francas founder Malin Kadestam – Bjork & Berries EU
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Interview with Franca Francas founder Malin Kadestam

We are so happy to have Franca Franca in our sustainable holiday giveaway.

Tell us about your brand?

Franca Franca is a Stockholm-based brand selling handmade scrunchies from vintage scarves and textiles, founded in 2019 by Malin Kadestam.


Why is sustainability an essential part of Franca Franca?

My aim with Franca Franca is to be a symbol for a positive change and a part of making the fashion industry more sustainable. I started Franca Franca to demonstrate that it is both possible and fun to create fashion using textiles we already have.

We love Swedish nature, do you have a “smultronställe”?

As long as I have my family and friends close, I’m in my smultronställe. 


How will you wind down for the holidays?

No big plans and no iPhones, please. 


Please share one beauty secret with us!

My skin is super sensitive, so I learned among the years that it wants to stay as natural as possible. I only use make up a few times a month and wash my face every second day, only with water. After the “water wash,” I use Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré. And sometimes I use aloe vera gel on my face because I like the feeling. Besides that, I try to drink a lot of water and sleep as much as I can.