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Tomas today it is World Water Day, and we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to ask you about your organisation and what you do.

What does Pelagiska do exactly? 

Pelagiska is the project Emil Olofsson and I use to collect as much plastic waste from the islands in the Swedish west archipelago as possible. We do cleanups as often as possible and are mainly funded by Västkuststiftelsen, an organisation of the municipalities in our area. We are also working with Milkywire to make it possible for everyone to support our work. 

What drew you to this engagement cleaning up the coast of Bohuslän?

We have been working in the archipelago the last decade with mainly nature conservation. We have during that time seen the amount of plastic waste increase enormously. We wanted to use our knowledge and commitment to the environment, to fight plastic waste in the ocean. We started our cleanup project 2018 and searched for funding.  Since then we have managed to cleanup 60 metric tons of plastic waste.

What's the most common thing you find during your cleanups?

We find a lot of plastic bottles and food containers. We find all of the single use items that are sold in the world from cups and cutlery to q-tips, plastic bags and straws.There is also a lot of waste from the fishing industry, ropes, strings, fishing crates and the like. 

We have over the years found about everything we humans make from plastic. Pacifiers, car-parts, fishing crates, syringes, toothbrushes, toys, chairs, umbrellas, handbags, shotgun shells, balloons, shoes, gloves, I could go on and on..

One of the most disturbing things is that we find a lot of raw plastic on the beaches. Pebbles of plastic used in the industry to make plastic items. People call them mermaids tears.

We just launched a new fragrance called Fjällsjö.

Fjällsjö, represents a mental state of calm and tranquillity, it's a crisp scent inspired by a swim in a mountain lake.If you were to interpret what Fjällsjö meant to you, what would it be?

Fjällsjö means clean, clear water to me. Water you can trust. Water that nourishes you. Something we need to protect. 

Tomas Eriksson
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