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Hair and Make up whiz Sara Eriksson shares her beauty secrets with us

Sara Eriksson is the hair and make up creator responsible for making the talent glow in our latest summer campaign. Here we caught up with her and asked her for some beauty and make up tips!



1. How would you describe yourself in 3 words:


Happy, curious and stubborn.


2. What/who inspired you to do what you are doing today?


This is such a difficult question because it was so many things but I think I have to say: People! I’ve always found so much joy in making people feel beautiful. I’ve done it since I was a kid and it comes so natural to me, just looking at people and see their own beauty. I’ve also always enjoyed drawing/painting so I guess it’s a perfect match to become a make up artist then ;)


3. Has the business changed since you started, do you find it more open to diversity and sustainability beyond the idea of just being a trend?


Yes, definitely! People are nowadays so aware and I feel that they want a change. At least the people around me and that makes me so happy. I think the fashion industry has a long way to go when it comes to sustainability but in terms of diversity with models it’s been a huge shift which is amazing! I hope in the future that we will start to talk more about sustainable consumption and how much power we actually have as a customer to change the industry. Be more aware of what you are buying and why is something that’s very important to me.



4. Describe your day - from morning until you hit the pillow:


My day is so different depending on my work but in general I always start my day with 1 liter of lemon water first thing when I wake up. Some days I’ll make celery juice as well before I have my breakfast but it depends on how early I need to get up. For breakfast I always have some kind of smoothie that always include blueberries since they are so good for you. I’ll also try and have a meditation session either in the morning or at night. I’m a morning person as you might notice, haha. I like to go up early and have a slow morning and enjoy all my little rituals. After that I go to work or if I have a day off I might do some errands, meet up with a friend or just chill at home. After work I try to work out/go for a run and after that I’ll be home cooking. I really enjoy it! I love ending my night with a cup of tea before bed and also use a diffuser and a special essential oil blend that’s helping the body relax and prepare for sleep. It also makes the whole apartment smell amazing!


Ok on to beauty secrets!


I love a good face mask and it can be as simple as just raw honey mixed with MSM-powder (aka. the beauty mineral).

I’ve also cleansed my face with just oil for the last 5 years and it’s made a huge change to my skin. That’s how they used to cleans their skin way back in time, we’re talking Cleopatra in Egypt and apparently they knew what they were doing. My favorit face oil cleanser comes from Living Libation who is a Canadian brand that makes the most beautiful organic and clean face oil products.

Last year I found the best clean and organic shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever tried. It’s a british brand called Tabitha James Kraan, highly recommend you check it out!


5. Beauty product you can ́t live without?


Eyelash curler.


6. Everyday beauty ritual?


Morning: I feel that my lemon water and celery juice have a huge impacted on my skin and stomach so that’s definitely included in my daily beauty ritual. I’ll dry-brush my body before I shower every morning to get circulation going and some mornings when I feel a little puffy I’ll do gua sha to my face as well. After that I’ll rinse my face with water and then put on my face oil from Björk and Berries and eye cream and face cream from living libations.

Night: I’ll start by removing my eye makeup with a damp cotton pad and jojoba oil. After that I wet a face cloth and put on 3 pumps of living libations oil cleanser and wipe off any makeup off my skin. Sometimes I exfoliate with Björk and Berries Vitalising Peeling Gel and put on a face-mask, another night I’ll do gua sha and sometime I’m just lazy and only put on my face oil, eye cream and face cream.


7. For that glamorous look?


Glowy bronzed skin, smoked out eyeliner and lots of mascara.


8. How did you prep the models skin before the Björk and Berries shoot?


First I applied a fast absorbing moisturising mask from Sisley to boost the skin. After that I mist the skin with Björk and Berries Deep Forest Face Mist and applied the Birch Recovery Face Oil directly after when the skin was still wet. I find that is the best way to apply an oil since it binds the mist and lock in the moisture to the skin. I finished off with applying a thin layer of Björk and Berries Rescue Cream and after that the skin was prepped and ready for some makeup.




9. Last but not least what is your favorit Björk and Berries product?


I love the Birch Recovery face oil.

For more about Sara see HERE.

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