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How did you interpret ‘A Swedish Saga’, our tradition of sharing stories and myths, how did you incorporate this into the designs of the gift boxes, what inspired the designs? 

I was unfamiliar with these Swedish Saga tales, and it was inspiring to read the beautiful tales the B&B team sent me. I selected the more iconic motifs from the tales to form the illustrations.

What do stories/books or sagas mean to you now/growing up, how do they inspire you?

I was always obsessed with fairytales and fantasy worlds as a child, I still am. I was always imagining myself as different characters, and emerging myself in different mystical universes. I would draw ballet costumes or my own map or Hogwarts and try and learn elvish.

How do you plan to spend your (Christmas) Holidays this year, what is the ultimate (Christmas) Holiday to you? Do you have a tradition or routine you repeat every year?

Food is a real highlight for me. My boyfriend and I are planning a feast and are already practising dishes to make sure they make the cut. I don’t know whether we will be able to spend it with family this year, fingers crossed, but if not I’m pretty sure we’ll still eat a banquet amount anyway. 

What is the notion of Holiday season to you?

A time to relax and reflect on the year and what is important in life. More time spent showering your friends and family with love and less time stressing out about work. 

Do you have any tips and tricks for keeping spirits up during the dark winter months?

You want everything to feel as magical as possible at this time of the year. So a cosy, calm ambience is essential, no harsh lighting or super loud televisions, light candles and a fire if you have one. Get a great record on and read a book with your phone turned off. 

How would you describe the Fjällsjö and White Forest scents, what feelings do they each evoke?

A calm and festive mood. 

In what way could the Fjällsjö and White Forest gift boxes be the ultimate gift for yourself, a friend or loved one?

They are very magical products and a real treat. 

Who would you gift which of the two gift boxes to and why?

I plan on giving these to my sister and best friends as they all deserve a well-earnt rest after this year and time to treat themselves.

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