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Eyes wide open

Eyes Wide Open


Our eyes play a major role in the way we see others and how others define us. It is the eyes that make a first impression and judgement.

The eyes make the "box tick’ and create that first "klick" between friends, lovers, companions and humans in general.In make-up industry, eye make- up products sells the most. We make a conscious choice if we want to go for smoky eyes, cat’s eyes, mellow or washed-out looks. But there is a bottom line to all eye make- up, i.e we want to look healthy, attractive and as less tired as possible. The reality is that very often, make-up is great at covering imperfections, but does nothing to treat the underlying concerns.

As opposed to eye make-up products, the eye skincare products addressing the issues a little deeper.

Eyes cannot lie. Even though the skincare cannot heal your emotional worries that are projected in the eyes (here goes the saying "The Eyes are a mirror of the soul"), but can indeed treat the area around, improving skin's health and appearance.


What is the function of an eye cream?


Unlike the make-up products that are so good at concealing the imperfections, a good eye care product treats the skin concern.

Some of the most common problems are fine lines, dehydration, dark circles, puffiness and pigmentation.


Can I use the same product for the eyes I use for the face?


This is not an option. The skin around the eye area is the thinnest compared to the rest of the face, so it needs to be treated delicately. Imagine using a foot product for your face? The structure of our skin differs from area to area. Therefore, our body needs different skin care to the face.

Eye care products are generally much lighter in structure and texture and not so active and strong.

If I have a client that complains about puffiness around the eyes, my first question is whether they have been using face cream for the eyes. Very often, eyes cannot take the heavier constituency of face cream, creating retention of fluid.


What are the differences between the eye creams?


Often, there are different eye creams for different concern. 

There are creams that encourage collagen production within the skin, preventing anti-ageing.

There are eye creams that have brightening properties and reducing dark circles.

Puffiness can be treated with a very light eye cream that consists mostly of water.

Sensitive eyes need anti-irritating, calming properties in an eye cream.

When you buy an eye cream, you need to be aware of what condition you currently have and what would you like to treat.


Rule of thumbs


In essence, all skins need the same- hydration and extra care.

Here are some care tips for the maintenance of healthy skin :

  • Quality Sleep (for rest)
  • Exercise (for healthy blood circulation)
  • Fresh Air (for oxygen)
  • Antioxidants (for strength and resilience), taken both internally in a form of a healthy diet and externally -in healthy skincare)
  • Hydration (for life's vitality), taken both internally through the diet and externally through skincare.
  • Love (for glow)

1) Puffy Eyes


Dislike: Thick, oily consistency eye creams. Too much salt in the diet. Mineral & synthetic Oils (non-vegetable source)

Like: Lightweight eye cream, water-based eye products


2) Dark Circles


Dislike: The absence of eye cream is the main reason behind the dark circles, as well as lack of sleep and genetic predisposition. Avoid heavy make-up that cuts oxygen from your skin.

Like: Anti-oxidants such as Raspberry Extract, Vitamin C, Green tea, Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid. Witch Hazel and Eyebright Extracts are particularly good at brightening the area naturally.  Fresh air. 7-8 hours of quality sleep.


3) Fine Lines/ Dehydration


Dislike: Absence of eye cream or a very light cream. Wrong application of eye cream.

Like: Lots of Vitamins, Antioxidants, Stimulating and more complex cream formulas.




Use your ring fingers. Apply a small amount along the orbital bone by gently tapping (anti-clockwise) into the skin with your fingertips. Avoid pulling the skin. Use morning and evening on perfectly clean skin.

Do not use your eye cream close to the eye.

Perfecting Eye Cream by Björk and Berries

A light and soft eye cream that targets fine lines in a natural way. Formulated with Paracress, aka “Nature’s own Botox” thanks to its ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and increase skin elasticity. 

Raspberry Seed and Rosehip Oils stimulating cell renewal and strengthen the immune system of the skin.

Inspired by old Swedish herbal remedies, eyebright was included in the blend.



Eyebright or in Swedish“ögontröst”, which literally translated means “eye comfort”, grows widely throughout Sweden. The plant acquired its name from traditional herbal medicine where it was used as a remedy to relieve eye infections and inflammations. It helps strengthen and tone the delicate skin around the eyes for an awake, youthful and soothed complexion.


Perfecting Eye Cream is a light weight cream, almost like a serum. It effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increases skin elasticity whilst reduces eye puffiness and dark circles.