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Classical Swedish holiday menu made with a vegan touch

Still trending 2020, how to eat more vegetables. We like to think that whatever you choose, try to eat local, seasonal and enjoy each bite. 
To help you on the way, we exchanged some of the classic Swedish dishes on the holiday menu. 

As an alternative to herring, you can serve pickled aubergine with potatoes, and creamy white-bean cheesy cream for canapes or crispbread. If you can´t find birch sugar for the pickled aubergine use regular sugar.

Vegan herring aka pickled aubergine

aubergine 2
white onion 1
dill 1 dl
fennel dill 1 dl
bay leaves 2
black pepper kernels 1 tbs
allspice 1 tbs

white-wine vinegar 1 dl
water 3 dl
birch sugar 1 dl

Cut the aubergine in half and then into bite-size pizes. Lay them out on a plate and sprinkle salt on top of them, let it be for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile mix the white wine vinegar, water and birch sugar in a big glass jar until the sugar is fully resolved.

Chop the carrot and onions. 

Rinse the aubergine in cold water and place all the ingredients in the glass jar, along with the spices and dill. 

Let the aubergine be for 4 days and then serve with potatoes and rye bread.


White bean cheese

white beans 1 can
nutritional yeast 1 dl
neutral oil 1 tbs
salt 1 tsp
lemon 1 use both zest and juice

Zest the lemon and squeeze the juice into a mixer, add the rest of the ingredients. Mix into a creamy paste, if you need, add some water.

Spritz into canapes or on crispbread. Extra tasty with pickled mushrooms and lingonberry.