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This week, we talked to environmental reporter and birch babe Viola Gad about how we can all be more sustainable. She also shared her career advice and favourite Björk and Berries product . 

At Björk and Berries, sustainability is at the heart of our business and embedded in all our products. With both World Environment Day and World Oceans Day coming up this week, we are feeling extra conscious about our commitments. Read more about it here.


Q&A with environmental reporter Viola Gad 

How can we all be more sustainable in everyday life?

There is a lot we can do, the two easiest things if you live in a city: stop eating meat and stop commuting by car. But I also think it’s important to not be too hard on yourself. Politicians and big corporations need to make it easier for us to make sustainable choices. To make that happen, participate in climate campaigns, challenge the companies you buy from with questions about their sustainability and engage in local politics where you live.  

How can as individuals help save our beautiful oceans?

Recycle your plastics and bring a bag to pick up plastic when you go for a walk in nature. Don’t use products containing microplastic. Researchers are still not sure exactly how microplastics are effecting our environment, but we know it's already in the fish we eat. When that small plastic has reached the oceans its very hard to get it up again. Also only by MSC-marked seafood.

What is your advice to aspiring journalists within the field of sustainability and environment? 

Um difficult question, a general advice is to find an environmental reporter or publication you admire and read everything they do. Storytelling is more important than ever to reach your audience today and good storytellers are often good readers, so read a lot, both fiction and non-fiction. Also there is a lot more investigative reporting needed when it comes to climate change and environmental issues, so that’s what I would focus on.  

And finally - what is your favourite Björk and Berries product?

I like the exfoliating bath soap, because hard soap comes without plastic packaging and lasts longer, plus it smells really good