How to dye your used tote bag naturally
We've all been there. After a couple of trips to the grocery store, the once new tote bag looks dreary and spotty. To make up for the carbon emitted to make our tote bags, we need to use them about 130 times. Well, that won't be a dilemma if we dye the tote with natural dyes. Here I've used turmeric because yellow makes me happy and hopeful.

Remember to wash your tote bag before you dye it. To get the fabric ready, you will have to soak the material in a colour fixative before the dyeing process, and it will make the colour set in the fabric. For plant dyes such as the turmeric powder used here, you will need 400 ml white wine vinegar and 5 l of water. Bring to a boil and let the tote bag simmer in the vinegar water for one hour.


Wash the tote bag in cold water. Whisk one dl of turmeric powder with 5 l of water in a large pot, and place the tote bag into the solution. Bring to a boil and let it simmer for one hour. If you want extra potent colouring, let the tote bag soak in the turmeric water overnight. Then, wash the fabric separately and put it to dry. The colour of the material becomes lighter when it is dry. All dyed fabric should be laundered in cold water and separately. To shop our new tote bag see HERE.