Calming Face Oil Treatment
A nourishing, restorative and calming face oil that provides deep hydration and love to even the most delicate skin conditions. A true miracle worker. This treatment was made to calm down overactive skin and mind. Designed to achieve the best results in the comfort of your home. 

1. Cleanse your skin.
2. Dispense 4-6 drops of Blueberry + Blue Tansy Face Oil into the palms of your hands.
3. Rub your hands gently and breathe in deeply, taking in the calming and refreshing scent of the oil.
4. To apply the oil, push and press the hands simultaneously onto your forehead and chin followed by cheeks and neck.
5. Acupressure Points Massage: follow the instructions below.
6. Leave the oil to sink in and visibly restore and calm the skin.
7. Apply Moisturiser if needed.

“Combined with acupressure massage technique, this face oil instantly calms any redness and skin sensitivity and slows down a racing mind.”

Blueberry + blue tansy face oil acupressure
Gently press and hold each point for 5 seconds. Keep your eyes closed.

1. Inner brow point.
2. Temples.
3. Center of the lower edge of the eyes.
4. Sides of nostrils.
5. Center of the upper lip.
6. Center of the chin.
7. Lower edge of the ears where they join the face and connect to the jawbone.

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